Friday, March 25, 2011

Charlotte's Web Day!!

This spring, the 3rd graders read Charlotte's Web.  Our class created dioramas at the completion of our Charlotte's web unit.  Below are pictures of several exemplary dioramas.

Parents were invited to watch their child present their diorama to the class, and even our principal and assistant principal were able to attend!  The kids did a great job talking about their project, and they were so proud of their hard work!

Once we finished presenting projects, we were able to watch the Charlotte's web movie and have some "fair food" (popcorn and donuts).  The kids love comparing the movie with what they spent so much time reading!

After the movie, we had an auction for our own class Wilbur.  I bought the pig stuffed animal at Toy's R' Us and put him up for auction.  The kids used their classroom money that they earned for good behavior to make a bid at the pig.  The winner took him for $34!! 

St. Patricks Day

To start our estimation unit with lucky charms, we made predictions about how many of each marshmallow we would find in the box of cereal.

After making predictions for how many of each marshmallow, the students split and sorted the marshmallows.  They used tallys to keep up with how many of each shape they had.  After we finished, they came up with a class total by adding among their table, then reporting to me.  This was so great for working on their communication skills!!

After all of our counting and tallying, we worked as a class to make a bar graph representative of how many of each marshmallow that we had.  This led into a discussion about probability, and lesson about "most likely", "least likely", and "equally likely".

Tasty Two and Three Dimensional Shapes

This month, my students and I began a unit on geometry.  What better way to teach than using food!  For two dimensional shapes, we used pretzel sticks and m&m's.  For three dimensional shapes we used toothpicks and marshmallows to build solid figures.  At the end of each lesson, the students were able to have a tasty snack!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meet Me!

Hi!!  I am Megan Newman, a 3rd Grade Teacher in NC.  I am new to blogging, but am really excited to begin contributing and following more blogs!