Classroom Photos

Bulletin Board-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2011-2012

Teacher Table 2012-2013

Teacher Table 2012-2013

My classroom Library 2010-2011

Schedule and SIOP Space 2011-2012

Hallway Bulletin Board 2011-2012

Beginning of School view of the room 2011-2012

My Classroom 2011-2012

Bucket Fillers 2011-2012
Listening Center

Cubbies for bookbags-the picture is blurry but their magic number is on each label.

Desks at open house:)  Perfect and Clean!

Bravo Board for displaying good work-ECU colors of course!

Math Board with groups and rotations

My Common Core Objective Display

Our meeting area

The Classroom Library

Book Nook Poster

This is where I display our objectives for each day.

Calendar and Jobs

Homework Baskets:)

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