Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo!!

I love Cinco de Mayo!!  It is a super fun holiday, and always makes my hispanic population feel really special!  This year, I tried several different crafts and activities for teaching Cinco de Mayo that the students really loved!

We started off by learning about the holiday itself, and finding out more about why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  The kids learned about symbols that remind us of the holiday, and colored pictures of the symbols.  We put the symbols on a circle map!

After we finished our circle map, we made sombreros!  My co-worker had the cute idea of gluing paper cups onto paper plates and decorating them with cotton balls to make sombreros.  The kids loved this, and tried to balance them on their head all day!!

One of my little sweeties with her sombrero on!

 After we made sombreros, we watched a short video clip to learn more about cinco de mayo.  We also had a small fiesta with chips and salsa! The best part about the whole fiesta was that I was able to purchase everything that I needed at the Dollar Store (except for the chips and salsa).  I really wanted to find a pinata to use, but unfortunately I couldn't find one:(  But not to worry!!  A couple of my Hispanic kids were proud to say that their parents make pinatas, and would love to bring one in!!  I just loved the way that those students took so much ownership of their heritage today!!

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