Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Math Tubs and Rotation

Over the summer, I have been bouncing around ideas about math instruction for next year.  I went to a math foundations workshop and learned a lot about why math instruction is important, and how to teach math.  One of the key ideas that they pushed at the workshop was that differentiation is extremely important.  While I attempted to do small groups last year for math, I often ran out of time, or was out of energy by the end of the math block. 

As a solution, this year I am going to try Math Tubs. After an hour of math instruction, guided practice, and independent practice, the students will have 30 minutes of math tubs.  They will use a rotation chart to determine which tubs they will be using during math tubs time.  Also, this will give me 30 minutes to pull small groups or individuals for additional math help.

I know that this is going to make my math block a little long-1 1/2 hours....but, I think it will be totally worth it to develop the problem solving skills that math enforces.

I have uploaded the rotation labels that I am going to be using in my classroom for you all to download.  I am totally inspired by the ideas that I saw on Clutter Free Classroom's Blog.  I love her math workshop rotation board, and that is how I visualize my rotation charts working.  Enjoy the Free Download!

Math Tubs Rotation Posters

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