Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reading and Writing Posters

It's almost here!  Back to school time!!  In preparation, I have been using pinterest for my own personal professional development:)  Sometimes I think maybe looking at pictures of other people's classrooms and ideas can be just as useful as actual professional development! Just maybe;)

Anyway, I was inspired after seeing a couple of classroom posters:  one for reading book nooks, and one for writing rubrics.  I am sticking with my "free is for me" theory in preparation for the school year, so I didn't buy any new posterboard, even though colored posters would definitely be cuter:)

Book Nooks-Students will know where they need to be during reader's workshop.  I will use clothespins with student names on them to show which student belongs at which spot.

This is a writing rubric to leave up in the room to help students know what is expected of them during writer's workshop.
Now, let me say that these are COMPLETELY copied from pinterest.  I mean, right down to the stories that are on the writing rubric.  But, I made my own version, so I figured I would share it with my followers anyway.    Here are a few more pictures, up close.  I hope these pictures inspire you for ways to manage your classroom this fall!

Have you taken on any pinterest projects for this upcoming school year?

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