Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here comes the Common Core!

Well- the year is here! 

Our state has adopted the common core!  I am, as I am sure many of my other co-workers are, SO excited about adopting these new standards!  I have really enjoyed examining the changes in curriculum.  In the same breath, I am SO nervous about new expectations!  I am sure that everything will be fine, but our lack of core aligned resources has me sweating a little bit! 

That being said, I have created some common core objectives to display in my classroom.  Click the picture below to check in out at TPT!

I am dying to hear from all of you that are familiar with the common core.  What challenges did you face when you switched over?  What are the benefits that you have seen? 

That's all for that!  I'm out to stay cool by the pool!

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